Subject: Re: Miata GL 500au + Powerstorm 3D30
To: Berndt Josef Wulf <>
From: R. C. Dowdeswell <>
List: port-alpha
Date: 12/23/2001 23:33:08
On 71568801; seconds since the Beginning of the UNIX epoch
Berndt Josef Wulf wrote:
>I've finally obtained a Powerstorm 3D30 (BXGB-AA) graphics card and was hoping
>to get this system to work in graphics mode after setting the console
>to graphics at the SRM prompt. However, the system refuses to cooperate
>and stays in serial console mode.
>NetBSD seems to detect the card ok...
>tga0 at pci1 dev 8 function 0: TGA2 pass 2, board type T8-02
>tga0: 1280 x 1024, 8bpp, Bt485 RAMDAC
>tga0: interrupting at dec 550 irq 12
>Is there anything I need to do besides setting console to graphics at
>the SRM prompt? Does the setting of the switch at the top of the card
>have any bearing on booting into graphics mode (I tried a few
>different settings without luck)?
>cheerio Berndt

Yes, you have to have a keyboard plugged it and the card has to be
in one of the 64bit slots, IIRC.

If these don't work, try to configure the card up:

	# wsconfig 0

And then see if you can get anything to appear on the screen:

	# banner woohoo > /dev/ttyE0

If these work, then the card is working properly in NetBSD and you
just have to see if you can get the booting to work properly.

Actually, those would be good low maintenance tests to do before
moving the card around, anyway.

I have one of these cards in a PWS 433a and have used it as a
console, so I am sure that you can get this going.  Right now, I'm
using one as my second head on a zaphod'ed X setup (and it is what
I'm typing this email from.)

Unfortunately, on the Miata you probably have to turn off the
accelerations on X.  (XalphaNetBSD -noaccel.)

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