Subject: RE: Discord and DECay
To: None <>
From: Haapanen, Tom <>
List: port-alpha
Date: 12/22/2001 16:23:34
The discord files are now mirrorred on

They should stay available there for the foreseeable future -- at least as
long as I stay here, and I've been working here for over nine years now.

Tom Haapanen -- Software Metrics/Equitrac Corp.
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From: Bucketmouth Frogstump []
Sent: Wednesday, 19 December, 2001 23:10
Subject: Discord and DECay

OK, to follow up from the previous post, and a couple of other emails ...

I've put Discord back online, in another office, where it can stay for a few

weeks. If anyone wants to mirror the NetBSD stuff on the FTP server, now is 
a fine time to do so.

The DECay list - well, it's hosted on another machine, so it's fine. It 
never saw a lot of traffic, since I never had the time to work on a Linux 
kernel build or get further into TCWSCONS installer stuff. I got an awful 
lot done in a short time, but then reality came knocking ...

I think I still have a 1.5.1-based image all built somewhere, but I never 
tested it. I seem to recall that 1.5.2 released about 24 hours after I 
finished compiling and all my enthusiasm got sucked away. :) Didn't help 
that my old SCSI CD-ROM drive died, either.

Bah - excuses, excuses, excuses. If anyone comes up with a way to put more 
hours in a day, let me know. I think I've managed to convince the powers 
that be that I'm doing a two-person job here, so if I get another pair of 
hands, maybe I'll get some stuff done next year. Ha! In my dreams.

Anyway - if someone wants to grab the binaries on Discord, go for it. Tell 
me where they are and I'll update the pointers on my web site. I'll leave 
the links to DECay, and the list itself can stay put until the end of time. 
I'll certainly use it if/when I start hacking away on Alphas again. Right 
now, most of my NetBSD-using time is spent in the macppc and i386 ports.

OK - enough ranting. If I spent half as much time putting unnecessary detail

into my emails, maybe I wouldn't be so busy. :)

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