Subject: RE: Discord and DECay
To: None <>
From: Bucketmouth Frogstump <>
List: port-alpha
Date: 12/21/2001 11:47:01
>Hold on, you mean I can actually use keyboard, mouse and monitor on my
>3000 with these files?  Right now it's running headless and with ssh
>access only.  But this mail is written on it :)

Absolutely. Actually, if you've already got the system running, you really 
just need to build the TCWSCONS kernel - grab the syssrc tarball and read up 
on kernel compiling. Oh, you can just unpack the kern.tgz file on the site 
and boot that, but it's built from 1.5 release sources. If you're running 
anything later than that, you should recompile.

I'm not sure about X - the X server on the FTP site was built from the X 
sources that were patched shortly after 1.5 was released. I have no idea of 
the status of the -current sources. They might work out of the box.

The main intent of those files was to allow a full NetBSD installation from 
a bare system to running X without ever needing a serial console. They did 
the job admirably, but really need updating.

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