Subject: RE: Discord and DECay
To: 'Bucketmouth Frogstump' <>
From: David Woyciesjes <>
List: port-alpha
Date: 12/20/2001 09:51:35
Two quick questions, about how much stuff is in the ftp, and what's the URL?

! From: Bucketmouth Frogstump []
! OK, to follow up from the previous post, and a couple of 
! other emails ...
! I've put Discord back online, in another office, where it can 
! stay for a few weeks. If anyone wants to mirror the NetBSD
! stuff on the FTP server, now is a fine time to do so.
! The DECay list - well, it's hosted on another machine, so 
! it's fine. It never saw a lot of traffic, since I never
! had the time to work on a Linux kernel build or get further
! into TCWSCONS installer stuff. I got an awful lot done in a
! short time, but then reality came knocking ...
! I think I still have a 1.5.1-based image all built somewhere, 
! but I never tested it. I seem to recall that 1.5.2 released
! about 24 hours after I finished compiling and all my
! enthusiasm got sucked away. :)
! Didn't help that my old SCSI CD-ROM drive died, either.
! Bah - excuses, excuses, excuses. If anyone comes up with a 
! way to put more hours in a day, let me know. I think I've
! managed to convince the powers that be that I'm doing a
! two-person job here, so if I get another pair of hands, maybe
! I'll get some stuff done next year. Ha! In my dreams.
! Anyway - if someone wants to grab the binaries on Discord, go 
! for it. Tell me where they are and I'll update the pointers
! on my web site. I'll leave the links to DECay, and the list
! itself can stay put until the end of time. I'll certainly use
! it if/when I start hacking away on Alphas again. Right 
! now, most of my NetBSD-using time is spent in the macppc and 
! i386 ports.
! OK - enough ranting. If I spent half as much time putting 
! unnecessary detail into my emails, maybe I wouldn't be so busy. :)

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