Subject: Re: How to boot single-user?
To: Paul Goyette <>
From: Graham Allan <>
List: port-alpha
Date: 12/19/2001 21:44:57
On Wed, Dec 19, 2001 at 07:40:59PM -0800, Paul Goyette wrote:
> OK, it's been a real long time since I've had to boot my Alpha, and I've
> forgotten the magic incantations!
> It's a PC164 box.  When I boot, it immediately starts running the
> loader, with the spinning \-/| stuff.  It never gives me a five-second
> countdown during which it could be interrupted.
> Of course, I've got my boot flags set to A (I think that's what it is),
> but I don't remember how that got set or what it should be set to to
> enable me to boot single-user.

"boot -flag s" from the SRM console is the way to boot single user for
Tru64, and I'm fairly sure it works for NetBSD too.

Graham Allan
School of Physics and Astronomy - University of Minnesota