Subject: RE: I Think I Still Exist
To: 'Bucketmouth Frogstump' <>
From: David Woyciesjes <>
List: port-alpha
Date: 12/18/2001 09:25:04
! Hi folks. I sort of fell off the planet for a bit, but I'm 
! back now. Haven't had any time to play with my Alphas of
! late. I actually became an OS X convert in the last couple
! of months, and I'm having a lovely time.

I'm playing with that a little here at work, and it is nice, isn't it?
 :) Mac G4 350MHz, 512 MB RAM...

! Two things I thought I'd post about.
! 1) I'm shutting down today, which 
! has been hosting the FTP site with the binary of the SFB X
! Server for the 3000 I compiled almost a year ago. Is that
! still relevant to anyone, or is support in the release
! versions now? I can shove copies of everything onto another 
! machine if necessary, but if it's all pointless now, I'll
! just let it vanish.

I'd be willing to grab the files, and once I get into my new house in
January, I'll stick a website up, so other can use the stuff... Let me

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