Subject: I Think I Still Exist
To: None <>
From: Bucketmouth Frogstump <>
List: port-alpha
Date: 12/18/2001 11:18:33
Hi folks. I sort of fell off the planet for a bit, but I'm back now. Haven't 
had any time to play with my Alphas of late. I actually became an OS X 
convert in the last couple of months, and I'm having a lovely time.

Two things I thought I'd post about.

1) I'm shutting down today, which has been 
hosting the FTP site with the binary of the SFB X Server for the 3000 I 
compiled almost a year ago. Is that still relevant to anyone, or is support 
in the release versions now? I can shove copies of everything onto another 
machine if necessary, but if it's all pointless now, I'll just let it 

2) My Hotmail account got shut down for being inactive and I lost all my 
mail, including all the people who contacted me about the possible "Free to 
Good Home" 3000-series machines I have here. I have now got all those 
machines wiped off the asset register, so they just need to be piled up and 
sorted out before people can start taking them away. I'll post again about 
this early in the new year - don't contact me now. I think I've got 6 
complete systems to hand out, including bloody huge monitors. The main point 
is - yeah, it's still happening, so pay attention in January if you want 
free computers (pick up only - Melbourne, Victoria, Australia vicinity).

That's it - you can all get on with your lives now.  :)

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