Subject: Re: OT: a dumb alpha question
To: None <>
From: Michael G. Schabert <>
List: port-alpha
Date: 12/16/2001 22:38:43
At 10:06 PM -0500 12/16/01, James Sharp wrote:
>  > Gee, wouldn't it have been nice if they'd had to make a business
>>  case to upper management about their decision.
>>  "Yes, we could have brought X to market x months quicker, but we
>>  LIKE FreeBSD and think our likes are more important than the
>>  architecture of our product or our time to market."
>If they had done that, OSX would be based on the Win2K know
>how those upper management people like Windows.

Ummmm. the uppermost management there would be....Steve Jobs. Last I 
checked, he wasn't exactly a Windows lover ;-). However, back in the 
heyday of the CHRP/PREP days at Apple, there were Macs running 
Windows NT in existence (just R&D...never commercial).

But as Jordan Hubbard is working for Apple, the FreeBSD decision 
isn't all that far-fetched...although I don't know which came 
first...chicken or egg.

At any rate, it is a pretty kick-ass system...basically akin to 
Tenon's MachTEN running with a MacOS system back in the day. And if I 
had any hardware that could run it, I would be running it. But until 
then, my PPCs run MacOS 9, and my Alpha and Q840AV will be running 
NetBSD 1.5-current.

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