Subject: Re: OT: a dumb alpha question
To: Linc Fessenden <>
From: Dave McGuire <>
List: port-alpha
Date: 12/14/2001 12:26:29
On December 14, Linc Fessenden wrote:
> >   Say, anyone have any luck getting KDE2 built under 1.5.2?  It seems
> > to be about the least portable piece of software I'm
> > getting "internal error--unrecognizable insn" trying to compile
> > kdelibs.  I guess fvwm is in my future once again... :-(
> Dave McGuire using KDE?  Say it isn't so!

  Huh?  Why?

> Dave, fvwm stinks too :-)

  Perhaps you're mistaken...fvwm is cool. :)

>  If you're looking for something lightweight and
> useable give xfce, blackbox, or windowmanager a try...  But I know you
> already knew that :-)

  I don't care about lightweight...I'm one who puts a sufficient
amount of *power* on the desktop.  Xfce was unstable under IRIX; I
might try it again under NetBSD/alpha.  Windowmaker (I assume that's
what you meant above) is neat but it gives me unpleasant flashbacks to
NeXTSTEP...which I liked, until I had to port software to it. :-|


Dave McGuire
St. Petersburg, FL