Subject: Re: OT: a dumb alpha question
To: David Hopper <>
From: Dave McGuire <>
List: port-alpha
Date: 12/13/2001 17:48:06
On December 13, David Hopper wrote:
> I compiled KDE2 from ports three months ago on then-current on a Miata
> 500a.  No errors, but it was slow as to be unusable; almost like a
> run-of-the-mill Windows GUI hang.  Twenty minutes to boot into KDE.  Even
> running a qt app would bring the system to a trickle.
> KDE1 didn't exhibit this behavior.

  I read something about a race condition in the mailing list
archives...maybe that has something to do with what you saw.

  I will grab it from packages and take a look at it.

> I abandoned it for gnome-core and windowmaker, which doesn't exhibit the
> timing bug, whatever it is.  But I, too, would love to see KDE2 (and KDE3)
> on NetBSD-Alpha.

  Yeah.  Those folks seem to have the "all the world's a linux/i386 box"
mentality.  It's a shame, because IMO they're writing otherwise nice

  If I had more time and some knowledge of C++ I'd go pound on all of it
and make it work.  I live & breathe C, but looking at C++ makes me
feel all weird inside. :)


Dave McGuire
St. Petersburg, FL