Subject: Question about AlphaStation 200
To: None <>
From: Sean J. Schluntz <>
List: port-alpha
Date: 12/12/2001 16:15:37
Does anyone have experience with the AlphaStation 200?  I've used NetBSD
on a number of Multias, but the AS/200 is not cooperating.

The problem I'm having isn't with NetBSD, but the hardware.

The system comes up with the ARC console, I go in and change the setting
to either OpenVMS or Digital Unix and it accepts the change.  I restart
the system and it stays in ARC. (Though the firmware screen shows that
I changed which system type to boot to.)

I checked, there was a newer firmware release for the system, I pulled
it down and tried to install it.  The system starts, and then gets
a fatal error.  again it boots just fine in to the ARC.

I have the feeling the firmware is locked, but could be wrong.  I can't
find docs on the main board in the AS/200.  Does anyone know what I'm 
missing here? Is there a jumper to unlock the firmware?