Subject: Re: Miata 500a and NetBSD
To: Jason Kaufman <>
From: R. C. Dowdeswell <>
List: port-alpha
Date: 12/12/2001 15:22:16
On 714981362 seconds since the Beginning of the UNIX epoch
Jason Kaufman wrote:

>> There are any problems using IDE disks ? (My miata has a 1 scsi and 1 IDE
>> disk)
>As you probably already know, the Miata won't boot from an IDE hard disk.
>I've never tried accessing a spare IDE drive under Linux.

Sure it does.  I've been running my miata off an IDE disk for quite
a while now.  The other trick to use, if you really want SCSI is
to get any old SCSI card and netboot with a kernel that is hardwired
to have root on SCSI.  That way you don't have to worry about
whether your SCSI card is supported by the SRM.  This also works
for IDE drives---get a tiny one and put exactly a kernel on it.

The IDE drive is accessed via:

>>> boot dka0

IIRC (but my alpha is at home.)

>The only additional hardware I have in the 500a is an extra 256MB of RAM from
>Crucial, and the ISP 1020.  The SCSI drive is the original 4.3GB (Seagate,
>I think).  My SRM version is 7.x.  I have been assured by others that 
>my SCSI configuration is correct, so what gives?
>If anyone has had success with the Miata line, please enlighten me.  NetBSD
>is destined to run on this beast.

It is a fun machine, I've used it in the following configurations
with NetBSD with success:

	1.  netboot w/ root and all disks on NFS,
	2.  netboot kernel with all disks on Adaptec SCSI controller,
	3.  boot IDE with all disks on Adaptec SCSI controller, and
	4.  boot and all disks on IDE.

I guess that recently I removed the SCSI controller, since I needed
to toss in a second graphics card so that I could dual head the
machine.  And that appears to be working pretty well, too.

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