Subject: Re: Setting colour depth on DEC3000
To: None <>
From: Matthew van de Werken <>
List: port-alpha
Date: 12/10/2001 06:55:35
On Sunday 09 December 2001 18:32, Matthew van de Werken wrote:
> I have a DEC3000/400, onto which I have 1.5 installed, running XFree 3.3.6,
> as per the instructions at the monash university(?) site.
> I have a PMAG-something or other that is quite capable I believe of 24-bit
> colour, but by default X starts in 8-bit colour. This is a real downer when
> it comes to running apps remotely ('though twm looks fine ;-) ). I know in
> XFree under Linux there's a XF86Config file in /etc, but I could find no
> equivalent under NetBSD.
> Also, while I'm at it, can I get X to dual-head? I have two framebuffers in
> this machine, but only one gets activated on boot (dmesg says something
> like "unknown device PMAG-JA at tc0 slot 4 not configured"). I assume
> that's the 8-bit device, otherwise I'll have to do something
> hardware-related to enable 24-bit colour!

I've re-booted the Alpha, and the two frame buffers installed are PMAG-JA and 
PMAGB-BA. There is also a KZTSA-AA FWD SCSI adapter there; I'm wondering if 
that's supported?