Subject: Re: XalphaNetBSD no go -> unusable console
To: None <>
From: R. C. Dowdeswell <>
List: port-alpha
Date: 11/02/2001 23:18:16
On 71255994: seconds since the Beginning of the UNIX epoch wrote:

>I've been experimenting more and I noticed that if I log in remotely
>and kill my shell then the tty is reset and I get a login prompt. In
>a similar vein, if I exec X then I get a login prompt. I guess this 
>means the X server doesn't reset the keyboard settings on exit?

Yeah that is probably the case.  I'll have a look at it tonight.
I will admit that I have never really `exited' from X much.  I just
halt.  :-)

>> Probably you are.  You could hack the X server to change the lack
>> of a mouse into a warning rather than an error to get X working,
>> though.  Perhaps we should do that.
>It is a rather good idea.

This is a symptom of the same issue.

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