Subject: Re: OffTopic: Intel's dependent on the Alpha chip...
To: One Without Reason <>
From: NetBSD Bob <>
List: port-alpha
Date: 11/02/2001 10:06:46
> Where I used to work, there was an IBM PS/2 model 80 that was installed
> in a closet to do coordination of manufacturing equipment status and
> utilization reports when it was new.  It ran DOS.  It was deinstalled in
> May 2001.  It had been running continuously without a crash, except for
> losses of power, and that only happened twice in the same year, in 1992.

I can't resist this one....(:+}}...  I ran a Model 80 with AIX 1 from 1988
through 2000, with nary a burp, except for an HD that dived after about 5
years.  Dang, them PS/2 Model 80's are indestructible, just like Olden
VAXentoyz.....(:+\\......  The machine in question is still running in my
basement, after I bought it from our surplus for 5 buckeroos, alongside
the MVII critters.....(:+}}....

> Peace...  Sridhar

Right On!

Good ol' Unixy Junque just trucks along, forever!