Subject: XalphaNetBSD no go -> unusable console
To: None <>
From: None <>
List: port-alpha
Date: 11/01/2001 21:48:15
Hokay. I've got a 3D30 card installed in my AXPpci33 now. I've got
my kernel recompiled with tga support. I've got XalphaNetBSD
installed from the 1.5.2 distribution (I'm running 1.5.2, so that
seems logical). 

I'm using an unpatched 1.5.2 /usr/src/sys tree. 

I have no XF86Config file. 

I have no mouse for a rather boring reason. Here's the boring reason:
The case I'm using doesn't have enough room to allow me to hook up a
mouse without using an extension cable from the mouse port to some
other place in the back of the machine. Said extension may or may not
be the problem, and the mouse port may or may not be the problem. 

I'm running at 1280x1024@76 Hz (8 bit of course). The console starts
out text but when the kernel starts it switches over to a graphical
text display (What's that called? Reminds me of Ultrix on a DECstation...).

When I start XalphaNetBSD I get an error message:
XalphaNetBSD: Pointer device /dev/wsmouse0: Device not configured

This makes perfect sense since I have no mouse. 

A second later the screen switches from white on black text to
black text on white background (like when Amiga UNIX finishes booting).
That's it, the console is now unusable. Logging in remotely shows
that there is no X server running. Rebooting works fine.

Am I stuck until I can get a mouse working with this box? Or is there
some other reason I'm losing my console. And does anyone have a
working XF86Config file I can crib? (Or is that needed?)

Thanks for any and all help! It's been almost six months since
I've had a working X server. *sigh* The joys of old, crappy hardware
(the PC pile of garbage I have here, of course).
Kevin P. Neal                      

Seen on bottom of IBM part number 1887724: