Subject: Re: OffTopic: Intel's dependent on the Alpha chip...
To: One Without Reason <>
From: Brian Hechinger <>
List: port-alpha
Date: 11/01/2001 16:05:20
> Where I used to work, there was an IBM PS/2 model 80 that was installed
> in a closet to do coordination of manufacturing equipment status and
> utilization reports when it was new.  It ran DOS.  It was deinstalled in
> May 2001.  It had been running continuously without a crash, except for
> losses of power, and that only happened twice in the same year, in 1992.

i wouldn't doubt it, i used to run DOS on my 386 many moons ago, and it never
gave me any trouble.  it's great.  it's almost entirely useless for doing more
than one thing at a time.  when you get to be that simple, stability is just
about given to you.  but once you step up to large multiuser systems you have
all sorts of contention for the same resources that you don't have in a single
tasking environment.  so yeah, i believe you are right.  i'm not, however very
impressed. :)

why don't you start throwing mainframe data at us?  mainframes run a lot like
the old vaxen, uptimes in the double digit years range.