Subject: Linux Compatibility?
To: Port-Alpha2 <>
From: Bill Dorsey <>
List: port-alpha
Date: 09/28/2001 05:48:33

Are there any plans to update compat_linux to work on the Alpha?  Seems like
this would be a real plus for a number of NetBSD/Alpha users as it would
allow us to use Compaq's C/C++ compilers which offer vastly superior
performance to egcs.  Perhaps more importantly, they will allow us to run
Compaq's JRE which will open up the possibility of running Java programs on
NetBSD/Alpha for the first time (kaffe doesn't even compile last time I
tried on NetBSD 1.5.1, and it's too old to be very interesting anyway).

Naturally, I would be willing to provide whatever assistance I can in the
way of testing.  I have a spare Alpha box I can (temporarily) install Linux
on if it's helpful as well as the Compaq software I mentioned above.

Bill Dorsey