Subject: Re: COMPAQ Wireless card WL110
To: Joseph Sirucka <>
From: Michael G. Schabert <>
List: port-alpha
Date: 09/13/2001 15:31:38
At 3:11 AM +1000 9/12/01, Joseph Sirucka wrote:
>were do you get them around for this price and also does anybody know if
>these work in netbsd alpha
>dkwok wrote:
>>  For folks who want to play with wireless lan. The Compaq WL 110 is in
>>  fact OEM of Orinoco's Wavelan card. It even has Lucent Tech 's
>>  printing saying that. In Australia, Orinoco Gold cards sell for over
>>  A$400 but this Compaq card, 128 WEP Encyption, is selling for
>>  A$274. Anyone who is interested in getting Wavelan card should look
>  > into Compaq. David Kwok

I bought a DELL OEM card for something like $115 US awhile ago. This 
card is actually a rebranded Cisco Aironet card. I bought it from I had found it through 
Looking there now, I see that you can get them dirst cheap now.

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