Subject: Re: alpha and pcmcia wireless
To: Joseph Sirucka <>
From: blyon <>
List: port-alpha
Date: 08/27/2001 06:46:18
On Mon, 27 Aug 2001, Joseph Sirucka wrote:

> Hi
> does anybody know if netbsd on a alpha will work with a wavelan wireless
> networking card. I have a alphastation 4/233. I wish to use a pci pcmcia
> adapter, if this dosen't work due to the 2.1 pci standard, I can get a
> isa-pcmcia adapter for the wavelan card.
> Is this a goer and has anybody else done this. I wish to use the alpha
> as my base station and gateway to my net connection.
> Hope to hear from someone soon.


Yes the Alpha works great with the WaveLan cards.  I have used both the
PCI and PCMCIA versions of it.  Just be sure to download the wireless tool
package so you can have the wi control interface.


Barrett G. Lyon
nunc est bibendum