Subject: Re: Q: Switching to serial console...
To: Terminator <>
From: Anders Hogrelius <>
List: port-alpha
Date: 08/23/2001 09:26:24
On Wed, 22 Aug 2001, Terminator wrote:
> Thanks for the information. I get the the Null-Modem cable and
> connect it to the serial port of a Linux box. Now I don't know what
> terminal program I shall use on Linux. I tried minicom, but don't
> know how to use it. :-(  Is there any hint available? Thanks!

You'll need to change the default settings in minicom so that it uses
the right device for the serialport you're using, as well as change
the settings to 9600bps,No parity,1 stopbit,XON/XOFF for the port.
Use ctrl+A Z to bring up the help after starting minicom. From there on
you should be able to use the menu. Use O to enter configuration.
On my box it looks like this:

 A -    Serial Device      : /dev/ttyS1
 B - Lockfile Location     : /var/lock
 C -   Callin Program      :
 D -  Callout Program      :
 E -    Bps/Par/Bits       : 9600 8N1
 F - Hardware Flow Control : No
 G - Software Flow Control : Yes

You might also want to take a look under "Modem and dialing", and remove
any modem init strings. When you are finished you should save the
settings. If you choose not to save the settings as dfl, you can bring up
minicom with the settings saved with "minicom mysettings" if you saved the
profile as "mysettings".

When starting your alpha, you should disconnect the keyboard, mouse and
crt, to force it to use the serial port. With the null-modem cable
connected and minicom started, you should see the boot messages on your
minicom terminal. Remember to use ctrl+A Q to quit without sending a
hangup when leaving minicom if you intend to keep the alpha running.



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