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Date: 08/22/2001 13:43:11
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Thanks for the information. I get the the Null-Modem cable and
connect it to the serial port of a Linux box. Now I don't know what
terminal program I shall use on Linux. I tried minicom, but don't
know how to use it. :-(  Is there any hint available? Thanks!

> You'll need to connect some kind of terminal to the serial port on the
> back of the alpha. Either this would be some kind of terminal software
> running on another computer, or a real VT terminal. Check the page
> at where you
> can find some more info on your DEC box. Below is a section from that page
> which would be of interrest to you.
> <snip>
> Since no frame buffer or keyboard is supported on DEC 3000/500-family
> systems, you MUST use a serial console when running NetBSD/alpha on them.
> See your owner's manual for information on how to configure your system to
> use a serial console.
> </snip>
> The best way to use a box like the DEC3000/500 would be via networking
> since the serial driver in NetBSD seems a bit flaky. It's useful for
> booting though.
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