Subject: High-end pciide on alpha?
To: None <>
From: Todd Vierling <>
List: port-alpha
Date: 08/18/2001 23:28:57
I have a HPT366 (Iwill SIDE-PRO66) that appears to work fine in Lose2k, but
has some issues under NetBSD 1.5.x, particularly on alpha.

Before going through the really convoluted process of capturing debug goop
and so forth (as the prospective machine isn't in a "stable" state yet), has
anyone else here been experiencing the following with an HPT366?

* The second HPT366 channel, which attaches as a separate PCI function
  (pciide1), always shows up as "pciide1: device disabled (at device)".
  Nothing is disabled (the firmware doesn't even offer such an option), and
  the second channel works flawlessly under Lose2k.  This happens on both
  NetBSD/i386 and NetBSD/alpha.

* I get lost DMA interrupts on NetBSD/alpha, which hang the machine
  completely.  A 1.5 kernel will do this within seconds of first accesses to
  an attached drive; 1.5.1 delays this a bit (and managed to install), but
  it still happens occasionally after booting.

As an alternative, has anyone had *success* with NetBSD/alpha 1.5.x, not
-current, with an Ultra-66 or Ultra-100 controller?  I could easily go out
and buy a different one, as they're rather inexpensive, but I'd like to hear
a success story or two about a specific model/chipset first.

(In the interim I'll probably compile a kernel with pciide DMA disabled so
that I can at least use the system, even if the disk performance suffers

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