Subject: newbie's question of SRM and netboot
To: None <>
From: Terminator <>
List: port-alpha
Date: 08/16/2001 21:15:30
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Recently I got a DEC 3000/500 workstation, there're not floppy disk,
or CD-ROM, just an empty HD with build-in network adapter. I wanna
install NetBSD from netboot, but it seems not work.

The show command in SRM just give me two bootable device: esa0 and
dka300. esa0 is the ethernet device, I'm not sure what kind of
ethernet adapter it is. Does it support netboot?

Also, there's another problem, I modify the default boot device to
esa0, and then each time after I power on the machine, it just send
bootp request to look for bootp server, of course, without any
reply. I cannot return back to the >>> mode. Is there a way to stop
it and get the nice >>> prompt? :-)

I already have a Linux running DHCP daemon and tftp daemon. If the
DEC cannot boot from network, what can I do? I opened the case and
could not found a slot to put in a floppy drive. Maybe I shall go to
find a SCSI CD-ROM?

Thanks a lot for help and information!!!

Jingmin (Jimmy) Zhou
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