Subject: AlphaStation 255 processor
To: None <>
From: Ed Wensell III <>
List: port-alpha
Date: 08/14/2001 22:39:29
I have an AlphaStation 255/233Mhz. Looking at the manual and
inside the machine, there are jumper settings for the processor
speeds of 166 to 366Mhz. According to the Compaq page, there was
an AlphaStation 255/300, but no mention of anything beyond that.
So, my questions are...

Was there a 21064A chip faster than 300 produced?

Can a 266Mhz, 300Mhz, or faster 21064A [if it exists] simply be
dropped into my AS255/233, twiddle the jumpers, and voila? Or is
there more to it than that (support chips, BIOS, etc)? 

Where can I purchase a 300Mhz or faster 21064A [if it exists]?
Search of 21064 returns nothing on Ebay at the moment. Samsung
and API do not appear to have retail processor sales...

Many thanks!

Ed Wensell III -

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