Subject: Calling all DEC 3000/400 owners in Australia
To: None <>
From: Matthew van de Werken <>
List: port-alpha
Date: 08/13/2001 21:06:58
I know there are quite a number of us - I've just been going through the
mail archives and it seems like our activity on the list is quite high.
Anyone with one of these beasts in Brisbane? If "yes", drop me a line
(or reply on the list); I'd like someone to give me a hand, and being
geographically close makes a difference! If you are close, and would
like to give an absolute newbie a hand at getting his newly-acquired box
running, it'd be appreciated...

If you're not in Australia, but are running a 3000/400, speak up anyway
so I (and others) can get an idea of your experiences (especially in
terms of running X).

Matt van de Werken.