Subject: RE: How's MySQL doing?
To: 'James Sharp' <>
From: Haapanen, Tom <>
List: port-alpha
Date: 08/09/2001 13:31:18
I suspect I was the originator of these rumours.  :-)

We gave up on this about a year an a half ago -- this was with 1.4, and
MySQL 3.23 (20 or less).  Couldn't get it to work at all, but I think
MySQL's weak 64-bit support was the main culprit.

We then ran our production site for about a year on NetBSD 1.4/i386.  This
worked OK, more or less, but with increasing traffic, the MySQL server was
crashing 4-5 times an hour.  All kinds of MySQL updates, compile and config
options were tried, but to no avail.  And there is no traceback on NetBSD...

So last month I finally gave up, and rebuilt the machine with FreeBSD/i386,
and it's now been rock-solid -- I think MySQL has restarted only once in a
month.  I really suspect this is an issue with the NetBSD thread libraries
and the way MySQL uses them, but I have no hard facts to back that up.

The web server itself ( and our other machines
still run NetBSD, though.

Tom Haapanen

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From: James Sharp []
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To: Dave Huang
Subject: Re: How's MySQL doing?

> Last I had heard, there were some issues with running MySQL on
> NetBSD/alpha... how are things doing now? I know it compiles, but does
> it work, and is it stable? :) How's performance?

I'm running it on NetBSD/Alpha 1.5 Release on an AlphaServer DS10.  It
runs like there's no tomorrow.

The only quirk I ran into was that it mis-links the binaries and tries to
statically link in library pathnames.  We traced this down to a problem
with the libtool that it uses...but for the life of me I don't remember
what we did to fix it.