Subject: Re: NetSDF
To: Herb Peyerl <>
From: Berndt Josef Wulf <>
List: port-alpha
Date: 08/08/2001 08:16:54
Herb Peyerl wrote
> Berndt Josef Wulf <>  wrote:
>  > is there any reason why NetBSD-alpha goes into debug mode whenever it
>  > looses connectivity to its serial console? I still haven't managed to
>  > get one of my graphics cards, e.g. Diamond S3 Trio 64 and hence
>  > still use the serial console. However, the kernel enters debug mode
> "Doctor Doctor. It hurts when I do this."
> I don't have an alpha, but this is the classic, age-old problem of 
> serial consoles.  Sparcs have it too.  Some people claim you can 
> make a dongle that pins dcd to dtr.  I personally think it has to do
> with wiggling the cable to disconnect it and you're sending a long null
> on the RX pin which looks like a <break>...
> Try unplugging the other end first. That might help too.
> Can you disable ddb with 'sysctl -w ddb.fromconsole=0'?
> Anyway, this is not an alpha specific problem.

Thanks, I will give this a try.

BTW: I never disconnected the serial cable, but terminated the kermit
session used to access the console on that serial port. The system seems
to operate for some time after this event before it enters the debug

It will take me about 40 minutes to drive to work... Let's see if I
can log into the system via tcp this time... :)

cheerio Berndt
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