Subject: RE: missing utilties from install
To: '' <>
From: David Woyciesjes <>
List: port-alpha
Date: 08/06/2001 09:09:57
! hi i just completed a Netbsd 1.5 install on a ...
! ... but i dont seem to have the ftpd...

It's there, just needs to setup the folders, and enable the daemon. Type
'man ftpd'

! or telnetd...

It's there too. Needs to be enable in /etc/inetd.conf. 'man telnetd' hsould
have more helpful info. If there is any question of security though, I would
recommend not using telnet, but use ssh instead.

! ... also looking for good tips on the steps to configuring 
! Xwindows on the multia.

Sorry, can't help here. Haven't gotten a chance to try that yet. should be able to help some.

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