Subject: Re: /kernfs and installboot
To: None <>
From: Ray Phillips <>
List: port-alpha
Date: 08/03/2001 13:04:25

>> What would be the likely cause of this error, how can I fix it, and what
>compile a new kernel and include kernfs
>> are the consequences if it's left as is?
>dont know, did no harm to me. but since i copmpiled a new kernel to use sfb
>and X on my dec 3000/300 i also included kernfs

I didn't do any customisation during installation, so I suppose the generic
kernel is configure to use the /kern directory.  Sysinst created it and
added a a line for it to /etc/fstab.  Perhaps it's not relevant, but on a
PC I have that's running a standard configuration of NetBSD/i386 that
message doesn't appear during booting.

>> Oh, and why does installboot for the alpha need /dev/rsd0c as the device
>> whilst for the i386 it takes /dev/rwd0a?  Does it matter very much if these
>> recommendations from the man pages are ignored and, for example, /dev/rsd0a
>> is used for the alpha?
>because rwd is ide, rsd is scsi and your dec 3000/400 has a
>scsi-controller while i suppose your i386 uses a ide controller

I was actually referring to the differences between the suffixes for the
disk devices on both platforms, viz. `a' for NetBSD/i386 and `c' for