Subject: Re: kernel panic on 1000...
To: None <,,>
From: Ross Harvey <>
List: port-alpha
Date: 04/24/2001 13:35:13
> From: mel kravitz <>
> On my 1000a only the hose0 bus0 pci cards are noticed by NetBSD, cards
> installed in hose1 pci2 slots are not initiallized at boot, try moving
> the vga card close to the isa slots. Hopefully this will change soon.
> -Mel

Err, `hose1', on a 1000a?  Now I'm confused. As a cia box it couldn't have
more than one real hose, right? Perhaps a ppb and more than one bus, sure.

I've made a set of install tools that will print the slot code, which will
probably tell us how to fix it.

It's true that the install can be made to work by either unplugging the
keyboard and plugging in a serial console, or by moving the vga, but before
or after doing that it would be really neat if the test kernel could be
booted with the card in its original location.

Please mail me the output it prints just before crashing. If you do get it
going some other way, at least send me or `'
the dmesg or /kern/msgbuf.  Thanks.

// ross, who really likes visiting .it IRL, and who especially likes the
   Toscana wines


    Test installation binaries are in: