Subject: Re: PMAZ and PMAD on a DEC3000/300
To: None <>
From: Michael Olbricht <>
List: port-alpha
Date: 04/21/2001 00:45:48
>I have PMAZ-A TC option card at hand and will check and see why
>NetBSD/alpha can not cope with DEC3000/300.  

I wonder whether it's a just question of kernel config. 
Anyway, along with the release of 1.5, the web page for 
platform independent support for TC boards had been updated
to include the PMAZ-A.

>PMAZ-A moves data through
>PIO way clocked by the DEC3000/300's half-clipped 12.5MHz TC slot.  This
>means it has severe disadvantage from builtin TCDS which runs full
>25MHz speed assisted by TCDS DMA engine.

Well, a /300 supplies only two usable drive bays, and I can't
make the bus too long. I also don't expect to be able to obtain
one of the successor models, supply is limited ;-).

>[...]  If PMAZ-A can not run with DEC3000, that must be fixed.
I would appreciate that.

>I have no PMAD then am unable to fix the issue.
Maybe someone else can report a working PMAD in a /300 (or L, X, LX) 
or even another DEC3000? Just in case it depends on firmware or
board revision, or me being too stupid.

Michael Olbricht
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