Subject: Re: PMAZ and PMAD on a DEC3000/300
To: None <>
From: Toru Nishimura <>
List: port-alpha
Date: 04/20/2001 16:29:17
I have PMAZ-A TC option card at hand and will check and see why
NetBSD/alpha can not cope with DEC3000/300.  PMAZ-A moves data through
PIO way clocked by the DEC3000/300's half-clipped 12.5MHz TC slot.  This
means it has severe disadvantage from builtin TCDS which runs full
25MHz speed assisted by TCDS DMA engine.

I once tried to run three different ASC SCSIs on a single MAXINE
(Personal DECstation); builtin IOASIC SCSI, plus PMAZ-A option and
PMAZB-A option.  This configuration brought four independent narrow
and slow SCSI channels.  I was pleased to see the stability and
usefulness.  If PMAZ-A can not run with DEC3000, that must be fixed.

I have no PMAD then am unable to fix the issue.

Tohru Nishimura

Michael Olbricht <> wrote;

> I am new to the NetBSD port for Alpha (have used pmax before).
> I have installed NetBSD/Alpha-1.5-Release on a DEC3000/300,
> and it works very well, even under heavy I/O with four disks
> and le0 at the same time.
> But the PMAZ-A board present at TC0 can't be used:
> the kernel skips it with
> "asc (53c94 SCSI) at tc0 slot 0 offset 0x0 not configured".
> I have used the release kernel as well as self-compiled kernels
> from GENERIC and TCWSCONS - all with the same result.
> What do I have to change to enable that card, if it works at all?
>     [ ... ]