Subject: NetBSD/Alpha 1.5U with isdn avm a1
To: port alpha <>
From: Sascha Valckenier Kips <>
List: port-alpha
Date: 04/15/2001 02:51:05
Hello Mailing-Liste,
Hello Ross,

i have following problem after recompiling and installiong kernel.

On the boot following message become i:

stray isa irq 15
stray isa irq 15
stray isa irq 15
stray isa irq 15; stopped logging
scsibus0: waiting 2 seconds for devices to settel...

then the machine do nothing.

in then option Makefile is following:

options ISICISA_AVM_A1
isic* at isa? port 0x200 irq 15
pseudo-device "i4b"
pseudo-device "i4btrc"     2
pseudo-device "i4bctl"
pseudo-device "i4brbch"    4
pseudo-device "i4btel"    2
options IPR_VJ
pseudo-device "i4bipr"    2
pseudo-device "i4bisppp"    4

My Machine is a 164LX with 533Mhz cpu. 128MB Ram, Adaptec SCSI-7880, 2
UW-SCSI 4,5GB IBM-Drives. CD-Rom SCSI, Streamer HP-SCSI, 2 Intel
Ethernet-Express pro 100, Matrox Millenium II and AVM A1 ISA non pnp.

the AVM-A1 Card is on port 0x200 the irq is a softset.

the same, i have become on the irq 5.

please help.