Subject: Re: 1.5.1 SPL0 fix??
To: Eric Schnoebelen <>
From: Matt Thomas <>
List: port-alpha
Date: 04/13/2001 20:24:23
At 05:31 PM 4/13/2001 -0500, Eric Schnoebelen wrote:

>Eric Schnoebelen writes:
>- I'd like to try out the SPL0 fix that was described a few days
>- ago, but it hasn't shown up in the anonymous CVS repository
>- yet..  Someone mentioned that it was originally done on 1.5.x.
>- Can I get a patch for it, to see if it clears up the
>- disk/networking performance problem I'm seeing on my PC164?
>         Well, having applied the patch, I can say that it
>doesn't help the network/disk-io problem I've seen and others
>have reported.
>         Problem summary:
>                 With simlutainous disk and network IO, the
>                 network IO is about 6kbp/sec.
>         System Description:
>                 AlphaPC164/500Mhz

Mines 533.

>                 64Mb RAM


>                 IDE disk

I got two and a CDROM.

>                 Intel Etherexpress Pro/100+ (fxp)

That too.

>                 NetBSD 1.5.1_BETA kernel

I'm running 1.5T with no problem.

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