Subject: Re: X11 issues
To: None <,>
From: Ross Harvey <>
List: port-alpha
Date: 04/11/2001 11:41:27
> From: Riccardo Veraldi <>
> Is NetBSD/alpha ELF with shared library and LKM support like FreeBSD ?

I'm not sure if the question is "does it have ELF, LKM's, and shared
libraries" ("Yes.") or "does it have those things and is it like FreeBSD?"
("1. Yes. 2. Beats me.")

The timeline goes something like this

	1995.02.13	netbsd/alpha added to netbsd sources
	1995.02.21	first public distribution, netbsd
	~ 1997		switch to elf, with shared libraries 

	1998.06.10	freebsd/alpha added to freebsd sources,
			...largely based on copying over the
			...then-current NetBSD/alpha source

	late 1998	first public distribution, freebsd

From that point on, the systems have evolved separately.

LKM's are fully supported in -current and in 1.5.1. Support was present
in 1.5, but a bug fix happened in between that I think was probably

1.5.1 is now in the _BETA release phase, see: