Subject: Re: problem with AlphaStation 255 frame buffer
To: Riccardo Veraldi <>
From: Ed Wensell III <>
List: port-alpha
Date: 04/09/2001 05:50:03
--- Riccardo Veraldi <> wrote:
> Hello,
> I have a PCI number 9 Trio 64 frame buffer on my AlphaStation
> 255
> (233MHz).
> X11 server does not work

I have an AlphaStation 255/233 which ran X11 fine out of the
box... Once I figured out I had to manually decompress
xserver.tgz to get the all important XalphaNetBSD and manually
create X link to it since the regular install scripts do not.

Although my AS 255/233 came from the factory with the
PowerStorm-3d30, aka TGA2(?)/S3-based(?), video card. 

> cannot find frame buffer: Inappropriate ioctl for device ??
> Is it normal ??
> only ZLXp-E1  is supported ??? this is the reason ?
> Any plan to support more cards ?
> Actually these machines can virtually run with many PCI video
> cards.

ZLXp-E1 and compatible. What happens if you run xdm instead of
startx? I get the same error from xdm ever since I attempted to
setup wscons. I thought I backed everything out, but something
must still be in there. xdm works fine.
> Then seems also the generic kernel does not support kernfs
> file system.
> Is it normal ??
> thanks a lot!
> Rick

Ed Wensell III

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