Subject: Re: Cross compiling
To: UUCP <>
From: Tobias Ernst <>
List: port-alpha
Date: 04/06/2001 00:37:46


 WK> It's dated (over a year old), but it still works. I used it just 
 WK> the other day to build GCC, binutils, and libraries for NetBSD/Alpha
 WK> on a DEC 3000/600M using FreeBSD/Alpha on a Personal Workstation 
 WK> 500au. Good luck!

Half a year ago I set up a gcc 2.9.5 cross compiler on Tru64 5.0
running on a 500au for my NetBSD box which is only a 3000/300. Apart
from speed, the reason was that gcc 2.9.5 was not available for
NetBSD/Alpha, but I had an app that needed gcc 2.9.5.

I only used the documentation that ships with gcc as reference. It was
quite a hassle, I think I had to compile parts of the cross-gcc with
gcc on Tru64 and parts with DEC cc, but finally it worked.

Now I would be interested in porting the "pkgsrc" collection. I.e. I
would like to mount / of the NetBSD box on /somewhere on the Tru64 box,
then go to /somehwere/usr/pkgsrc/something/program, be able to type
"make install" and get the software compiled and installed onto the
NetBSD box.

Anyone ever done something like that? Given that the pkgsrc collection
works by simply using makefiles, I think it should not be so hard, just
adding a prefix for the installation routines, replacing gcc with
alpha--netbsd-gcc, and porting NetBSD make and using that one on Tru64
might already be anough!?

Oh, and if I think about it, I would also have to make provisions so
that my crossgcc finds all sorts of shared libraries that are installed
under /somewhere/usr/pkg/lib and so on. All in all, it looks like a
major project.

Viele Gr=FC=DFe,