Subject: Re: Cross compiling
To: Tobias Ernst <>
From: Brian Hechinger <>
List: port-alpha
Date: 04/05/2001 22:08:40
Tobias Ernst drunkenly mumbled...
> Now I would be interested in porting the "pkgsrc" collection. I.e. I
> would like to mount / of the NetBSD box on /somewhere on the Tru64 box,
> then go to /somehwere/usr/pkgsrc/something/program, be able to type
> "make install" and get the software compiled and installed onto the
> NetBSD box.
> Anyone ever done something like that? Given that the pkgsrc collection
> works by simply using makefiles, I think it should not be so hard, just
> adding a prefix for the installation routines, replacing gcc with
> alpha--netbsd-gcc, and porting NetBSD make and using that one on Tru64
> might already be anough!?

i believe so.

> Oh, and if I think about it, I would also have to make provisions so
> that my crossgcc finds all sorts of shared libraries that are installed
> under /somewhere/usr/pkg/lib and so on. All in all, it looks like a
> major project.

maybe not, someone with more experience should take this further, but with what
you suggest above, you should only need to do something to tell make to use
/somewhere as $prefix so that i installs there as if it were /

this is possibly do-able with /etc/make.conf i would believe.  you should be
able to set environment stuff there and affect all of NetBSD make so that with
no real hacking it should Just Work(tm)

now, of course it's never that easy, but anyone have any idea if what i propose
is doable?

i've got some really slow vax hardware that could really use something like