Subject: Re: console boot floppies for 1.5.1? (would be nice)
To: None <>
From: Bucketmouth Frogstump <>
List: port-alpha
Date: 04/04/2001 13:32:47
>Maybe when it comes time to finalize the 1.5.1 release, several of
>us with 3000/300 boxes and twscons, could do an update and build
>a special boot setup suite, test it, and if it works, throw it
>into the archives somewhere?  I was trying to do that kind of thing,
>but my code base got so fractured I could not get a current build,
>even of the kernel, and had to drop back to 1.5, chase down a VAX
>terminal, and rebuild tcwscons.  Grumble/pain.....

I haven't been keeping up with -current, but I have been maintaining a small 
FTP site of 3000 specific binaries based on the 1.5-release sources. I'll 
probably do it again with 1.5.1 and post the URL. Currently I've got a 
TCWSCONS based install kernel, cdhdtape image and even a (barely tested) iso 
image that should be bootable and includes patched kern.tgz and xserver.tgz 
packages. It's been posted to this list a couple of times, but in case you 
missed it ...

Can this info get dumped into an FAQ or install doc? If someone wants to 
snarf the binaries and mirror them on the main ftp site, that might not be a 
bad idea either. That machine isn't going anywhere though.

Anyway ... with that lot, I haven't needed a serial cable for ages. If the 
demand exists, I'm happy to keep building this stuff for as long as I've got 
a 3000 handy.

>Granted the 3000/300 is a special case, but, it would be a nice bit
>of pipe-dream IFF an install could be run that way off tcwscons.

It needs a bit of grunt work, but it's doable. Of course, working out the 
necessary fixes to allow a single kernel to work on all Alpha platforms is 
the ideal solution.

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