Subject: NetBSD 1.5Q/Alpha src compiling problem
To: NetBSD-Alpha mailingliste <>
From: Sascha Valckenier Kips <>
List: port-alpha
Date: 01/21/2001 00:40:53

i have reinstall my machine from cd with NetBSD 1.5.

Extract the src from NetBSD 1.5Q.

Now i have make the "make" new and install this.
after them i have recompile and install following:

gnu/usr.bin/egcs    -> no problem
usr.bin/compile_et    -> problem: reference not found for __assert13 in
usr.bin/yacc            -> problem: reference not found for __assert13
in hash.c
usr.bin/lex        -> no problem
usr.sbin/config    -> no problem

Now i compile a new kernel and install them. Reboot.

Then i have in /usr/src after them folling make
1. make cleandir
2. make includes
3. cd share/mk && make install
4. make obj

after them i have try the compile_et and yacc to remake. same problem.

What must i correct to make compile and yacc ?
What must i do to make build from src tree and install, update ?


Sascha Valckenier Kips