Subject: Re: PC164LX and Graphics Card
To: alpha <>
From: StrangeBrew <>
List: port-alpha
Date: 01/17/2001 19:58:08
Sorry, I missed the S3 at the end of your last post, would have asked
a better question.  I am adding the port alpha list to the mail,
so that one of hte gurus there might be able to chime in.

Dumb question, did you put the card back in the same slot?
I have not been able to get a number 9, s3 card going in the
An S3 trio, 8MB, PCI, works GREAT.  None of the other
PCI or ISA video cards seem to get recognized.

I have 2 S3 Trio cards, 2 PC164/500s, each with 128MB.
One works just fine, solid, great with netbsd.  The second
just won't seem to boot.  I am stumped.

good luck, let us know what you do to make it work.

Mike Esler wrote:
> Number Nine Motion 330.
> It's an S3-based card.  I forgot which chip it's based on.
> I currently have no idea how the firmware relates to the video
> card and X.  Any info on these things would be greatly appreciated!
> On Wed, 17 Jan 2001 20:35:06 GMT, StrangeBrew
> <> wrote:
> >what video card are you using?
> >
> >Mike Esler wrote:
> >>
> >> I recently replaced a PC164LX motherboard and upon booting I
> >> found that it doesn't know about the video card in the machine.
> >> The login is a console login, whereas before it was a XDM-style login.
> >>
> >> Could someone point me to some documentation on how the video works on
> >> a DEC workstation, more specifically with PC164LX based systems?
> >> Is there an environment variable I need to set in the firmware?  If
> >> so, what?  The Video card in the machine is a Number Nine Motion 330
> >> (S3-based).
> >>
> >> Thanks!
> >>
> >> Mike Esler