Subject: Re: X Video Modes - Multia
To: None <>
From: John Hayward <>
List: port-alpha
Date: 01/14/2001 20:29:56
Dear Alpha People,
   First I apologize for giving wrong info on the monitor I'm using.  The
monitor is a CTX 17" 1765GMe.

   Additional info:
1) The kernel which came with the install generic kernel the tga probed at
   1028x768 and X would not sync.
2) Juergen Weiss sent me some patches which were for a number of problems.
   When I attempted to apply the patches and build a new kernel - I did
   not do a make clean - just nuked the object files - the result was the
   kernel panicked - It may because some library was not properly rebuilt.
3) I backed out the patches and rebuilt from source the GENERIC kernel
   after doing a make clean.
   That kernel booted and the tga probed at 1024x768 and I was able to get
   startx to look normal.

So I had problems with the kernel which came with 1.5 distribution in that
tga probed at 1028x768 and I could not get X to sync with my CTX 17"
1765GMe monitor.

When I built the GENERIC kernel from the 1.5 sources tga probed at=20
1024x768 and could get X to sync with my CTX 17" 1765GMe.


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> Subject: Re: X Video Modes - Multia
> On 14 Jan, John Hayward wrote:
> > When I attempt startx I can see the display at about a 45 degree angle.
> > It seems that the monitor is having trouble syncing with the video sign=
> [...]
> > The monitor I'm using is a CTX 19" monitor.
> What model? I have a CTX1995UE and it can not correctly do sync on
> green.=20
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