Subject: XFree86 on alpha.
To: None <>
From: Simon Burge <>
List: port-alpha
Date: 01/14/2001 03:02:54
Hi Folks,

I've committed my patches for XFree86 on Alpha to the NetBSD xfree4
tree.  This is under xsrc/xfree.

Please note that I consider this alpha (haha) quality code.  It's
only been tested on a PC164 with a Matrox G200.  You may need a very
-current kernel that includes Jason's recent mmap change, but at least
the PC164/G200 combination worked for me under 1.5 with XFree86 4.0.1

To build, it should simply be a case of:

	cd .../xsrc/xfree
	make World
	make install

I believe some config file generators still may not know about wsmouse.
For the mouse driver in the XF86Config file, I'm using:

	Section "InputDevice"
		Identifier  "Mouse1"
		Driver      "mouse"
		Option      "Protocol"      "wsmouse"
		Option      "Device"        "/dev/wsmouse0"

This still should be cleaned up a lot more (eg, using the functions
provided in <machine/pio.h> instead of layering on top the existing
FreeBSD alpha code), but it at least works for me and hopefully will for
other people.  If there's any problems, either send mail to port-alpha
or send-pr it.

I'd be interested in any success stories, particularly if on 1.5, not
on a PC164 and not using a Matrox G200.  The kernel support functions
for this appeared around 1.5A (and were pulled up into 1.5), so it
definitely wont work on anything earlier than that.

Simon Burge                            <>
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