Subject: Re: Yes, but is anyone using cdrdao?? (was: Re: anyone using cdreco
To: None <>
From: Juergen Weiss <weiss@Uni-Mainz.DE>
List: port-alpha
Date: 01/12/2001 20:00:43 writes:
 > On 12 Jan, Dave Huang wrote:
 > > cdrdao works fine for me on an i386; it's only alpha that I'm having
 > > problems on. Might be a lurking 64-bit bug, and perhaps related to
 > > shared memory as you say?
 > Or a problem with the low level SCSI driver? 
 > I am afraid that you will have to fight with ktrace(1), gdb(1) and
 > friends to locate the point of failure. 
 > -- 

I use cdrdao-1.1.3, but I had to fix several lp64 bugs. Especially
the scsilib is broken in several places. This happens, when
some people think, that they know better how to program bcopy
than the os programmers :-(.

I will make diffs and post them tonight.

Juergen Weiss

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