Subject: Re: Yes, but is anyone using cdrdao?? (was: Re: anyone using cdrecord
To: Paul Mather <>
From: Dave Huang <>
List: port-alpha
Date: 01/12/2001 10:27:04
On Thu, 11 Jan 2001, Paul Mather wrote:
> But, has anyone successfully used cdrdao under NetBSD/alpha?  It builds
> from pkgsrc, but it seems there is a bug that causes it to fail when
> burning the last item of a TOC file.  (It seems like it is not picking
> up the filename correctly from the TOC file, and using a null pointer
> instead.)

I've had that problem too... when I looked into it, it looked like the
TOC file was read in fine, but one of the calls to the SCSI routines
trashes it out. Very strange...
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