Subject: Re: keyboard "gone"
To: David Maxwell <>
From: Andrew Brown <>
List: port-alpha
Date: 01/10/2001 13:36:32
>> what sucks is that if the kvm is switched away and then back, the
>> keyboard stops working.  the keyboard leds flash when it's switched
>I can't speak about a pc164 specifically, but I have seen a few odd behaviours
>with kvm 'spindle' switches.
>Hosts don't respond if you flip across more than one step too quickly
>Hosts generate a constant stream of keyboard error beeps if you flip
>	past them quickly
>Video drops one of R/G/B (usually G - resulting in purple (i.e. white) text.
>Host doesn't respond, even after keyboard LEDs init-blink.

i've seen all these, and "learned" to work around them as you
describe.  the alpha seems simply not to acknowledge the keyboard any
more.  i was wondering if there was anything inherent to the
architecture of the machine where it might decide to do this.

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