Subject: Re: keyboard "gone"
To: Peter Seebach <>
From: Andrew Brown <>
List: port-alpha
Date: 01/10/2001 13:33:32
>>what sucks is that if the kvm is switched away and then back, the
>>keyboard stops working.  the keyboard leds flash when it's switched
>>back in, but there's no response to any keypresses.  is it just that
>>the pc164 doesn't like never having a keyboard if it ever had one?  or
>>is this kvm in need of being replaced with a more "intelligent" one
>>(it's the old "contacts on a big spindle" type kvm)?
>I suspect you need a "more intelligent" one.  I have repeatedly confused
>my Belkin rackmount Omnivew Pro by interacting with an Alpha.

hmm...i guess i should avoid that one then.  i don't want a confused
kvm *and* a confused computer.

>BTW, my KVM switch uses "scroll lock" as the magic key to tell it you
>want to do something, so sometimes my alpha "freezes", meaning it's in
>scroll lock mode.  :)

i've seen a few where you tap ctrl-alt-shift simultaneously (as best
you can) and then (i think) f1 or f2 or f3 (etc) to indicate which
console you want.

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