Subject: Re: Question about installing NetBSD on a DEC 3000/300
To: Carl Lowenstein <>
From: NetBSD Bob <>
List: port-alpha
Date: 01/08/2001 16:27:35
> > cp netbsd /netbsd.twscons
> > cp netbsd /netbsd
> How about
>   ln /netbsd.twscons /netbsd
> > sync;sync;halt
> Save one kernel's worth of disk space.
> Left over from the olden days when 2.5MB was a _big_ disk drive, and
> you could run Unix (6th Ed) with two of those RK05 drives.

Yeah, I could do that, but with a default 32M root fs on the alpha,
that leaves room for some spare kernels.  I am known to keep 3 or 4
of them, configg'd differently to suit, in the root, so I can change
configurations by mv mv netbsd netbsd.current
                     cp netbsdotherkernel netbsd
                     then reboot, method.

I do that rather than linking them.

I do pine for the days of tiny kernels, though.  Even stripped to the
bare bones, my TWSCONS kernels are huge, compared to my 4.3BSD kernel
of 273k, on the MVII.  The V6 kernel is what, 45k or so, maybe?
Yikes, what bloat has set in.....but, drives are not 500k or 2.5M
or even 20M anymore.....(:+\\.... my alphas don't feel comfy until
they have a pair of 1g or more drives, minimum.  The big one has 7
of them.  So, it seems we have sufficient work space, for now.....
although they will fill up with junk, fast.....(:+}}...