Subject: Re: dlopen() status
To: None <>
From: James Macnicol <>
List: port-alpha
Date: 01/05/2001 11:30:00
> What's the exact symptom?  Sometimes dlopen() fails when people don't link
> the module that's being runtime loaded with --export-dynamic; this is the
> second question in the NetBSD ELF FAQ, and that FAQ is the second link in
> the NetBSD/alpha FAQ.

	Okay, looks like I might have made a wee bit of a fool of myself
here, but I will try to remember what happened (I am downloading 1.5 now,
having removed 1.4.something a while back to make way for Linux).  Basically
if you did an nm on the libc it would report that there was a file called
something like dlfcn.o (or some such) in the archive/shared lib. but there
were no functions in it.  The configure script for my project couldn't find
dlopen() anywhere, and IIRC there is no libdl on NetBSD (it's supposed to be
in libc, is that right ?).  I had assumed at the time that maybe the
implementation of dlopen() etc. was #ifdef'd out on the Alpha port.

	Now that I know it should work, I'll give it another go.  If I have
any more problems I'll ask again.